Crafted for lasting style impressions

Fashion rules have changed! A few years back, Indians adopted the western fabrics. Today, however, it is all about giving a desi spin to every western outfit or ensemble – an ikat crop top, kalamkari jumpsuit, kantha shift dress, you name it. To such extent has the demand and love for indigenous fabrics intensified. Indian print fabrics are season-less, eco-friendly, inimitably beautiful and are a living vestige of the diverse heritage of India. One person’s passion to cater to the ever increasing demand for handloom clothing is the very factor that spurred the establishment of Impresa, a fashion boutique.

Anjali Chandran


Passion in Fashion

From software to handlooms

The passion for handlooms motivated Anjali Chandran to abandon IT and dive into the enriching world of Indian handlooms. A BITS Pilani alumna, Anjali Chandran landed an enviable job in Wipro. Even while writing software programs in the comforts of the air-conditioned office, she ensured to simultaneously satiate her undying love for Indian handlooms. She readily travelled to several undiscovered villages in India to get her hands on the best and authentic weave – be it sari, salwar suit or blouse material. After the birth of her daughter, Anjali quit her job in Bengaluru and shifted to Calicut, continuing her passionate hunt for the finest weaves.

She amassed such magnificent weaves that she soon decided to sell some of these exclusive buys to her fellow handloom lovers all over India. In an era where Facebook is the mother of all businesses, Anjali too started her small-scale business page on Facebook, titled Impresa, as a hobby, in 2012. Sourced directly from several artisans and weavers, she sold her exquisite collection through the social platform.

Incidentally, it did not take much time for Anjali to realise the burgeoning demand for such Indian handlooms, what with all her pieces being sold like hotcakes to all quarters of the globe. Following requests for more pieces and optimistic feedback from customers, she branded her products under the same label and launched her store in Emerald Mall, Calicut, on October 22, 2014.

A journey to the hands that spin magic

Frequent visits to the nook and cranny of numerous villages gave Anjali a real sense of the hardships of the artisans. These skilled weavers invest an enervative amount of time and energy in weaving the stunningly intricate fabrics. While merchants and middlemen reap all the benefits of its success in the market, these craftsmen get fewer or no profit from it, thus adding to the crisis of skilled artistry.

Impresa is an attempt to promote the welfare of such experts of handwoven tradition. We are working towards increasing our reach to the artisans across India and beyond, and provide you with an eclectic collection of radiant motifs. Sans any middlemen, we order materials in bulk at a higher price and sell them directly to you at a reasonable rate.

An assortment of fashion

Block print and Sree Kalahasthi Kalamkari, Sambalpuri and Pochampalli Ikats, Chanderi, Kantha, Tussar, Phulkari to Gicha silk, Maheshwari silk, Matka silk, Kota Doria, casual block print cotton – Impresa has almost all Indian handlooms for every woman and for a lasting style statement. Shantiniketan prints, Ajarakh prints and Kutch work too will be added to our collection soon.

We, at Impresa, are also on an endeavour to resuscitate the Calicut Calico print, which was reportedly last shipped from Ahmedabad in the 1970s.