Care-E-Bag Happiness Challenge #HappinessChallenge


Everyone loves to play with children, to cuddle them, and to spend time with them.  There is no doubt that childhood is the most serene period of human life.  From birth, children start to observe and learn from their surroundings.  We all know that every parent will do their best to brighten the smile of their children, who look at everything with curiosity.  As we grow older, we come to make many decisions for ourselves.

Have you ever thought about persons who had to remain as a child for the rest of their life, who can’t act as matured people even though their body is showing enough physical growth? Have you ever thought about the mothers who are guarding these kids as their precious angels, mothers who are trying to find happiness even in the tiniest movement of their children? We are surrounded by many such parents who are sacrificing their lives for these children.

There are many people who are differently-abled, who doesn’t have enough mental development, people who are unable to get out of bed due to physical disabilities, unable to eat a single meal without the help of others, who have to seek help from others even for their basic needs.

Have you ever felt the need to help them or do something for them at some point in your busy lives?  If so, here is a chance for you.

Few mothers in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are spending their lives for these children. They sell home-made cloth bags to raise money for baby supplies, including diapers and therapies.  The pandemic has worsened their situation, and now they are struggling for money.

Their cloth bags are available for sale through an online platform. A pack contains 6 cloth bags of three different sizes and materials.  This is not a business. It is a struggle for life by a group of mothers who do not want to live on the generosity of others but desperately want their babies’ medicine and basic needs to be met.

If you can help them by purchasing their products, it would be a cause of happiness. Please join hands for this humble cause and spread happiness.

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