Heads Held High By Impresa

Care-E-Challenge #HappinessChallenge

Everyone loves to play with children, to cuddle them, and to spend time with them. There is no doubt that childhood is the most serene period of human life. From the time of birth, children start to observe and learn from their surroundings. We all know that every parent will do their best to brighten the eyes of their children, who look at everything with curiosity. As we grow older, we have come to make many decisions for ourselves.

Unlocking the Local: Get Custom-fit Online #TailorChallenge

A good outfit makes all the difference. After a period of dormancy, customized stitching is back in vogue and we are on the move to boost our bespoke presence online. Get started with our local tailors whom you might see in a village neighborhood with a measuring tape always around their neck, sometimes taking measurements just by looking at you. Let your garment meet the village tailor for whom style, cuts, and right fit matter the most. Though we are at the initial stages, stitching services for men and women are being offered.

Together We Go 'Loom'inous #HandloomChallenge

The pandemic-induced slow down has taken its toll on all walks of life. Lives and livelihoods have left the shores of normalities. When the future looks weary, we must seek new normals to start afresh.
India’s weaving industry has been among the worst affected since the outbreak of Covid-19 when they have surplus stock at home but no money. The cadence of the looms weaving together has vanished into the warp and weft of the sickening air. But we, the Impresa community, was not ready to let our looms silenced for long. We are still in a pursuit to knit a safety net for the weavers by actuating the Handloom Challenge.

Handloom Challenged completed 160 Days and got closed officially on 31 st of Dec 2020 with supporting a lot of beneficiaries in the weaving domain