Unlocking the Local: Get Custom-fit Online

Unlocking the Local: Get Custom-fit Online

A good outfit makes all the difference. After a period of dormancy, customized stitching is back in vogue and we are on the move to boost our bespoke presence online. Get started with our local tailors whom you might see in a village neighbourhood with a measuring tape always around their neck , sometimes taking measurements just by looking at you. Let your garment meet the village tailor for whom style, cuts and right fit matter the most. Though we are at the initial stages, stitching service for men and women are being offered.

However, it’s more than just business. When the pandemic scared people away even from their own neighbourhood, the local tailors were at a terrible loss. Impresa needs to pull them back from the brink. While exploring the options left, we struck upon the idea of opening an online outlet for them. And this is it where we have a number of expert tailors who harmonize well with your fashion preferences. Each garment is individually custom-made to order. You can sit back in the comforts of your home and get your garment stitched and delivered at your dooorstep. You just need to provide the specifications and measurements while choosing the material through the website of Impresa.

We have been receiving thrilling responses so far from our happy customers. Every single word of joy from them means a lot to us and makes us more confident. On the other side, we find our tailors exuberant to watch themselves successful on their new growth platform. For them, going online is more along the lines of a giant leap. The pandemic urges them to explore the unexplored where we are just doing the back up. The boundless support ‘Handloom Challenge’ is still getting may continue through our ‘Customized Stithing’ venture too. Now, get your happy stitches and let us sew things up together.


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